Rio Grande Neurosciences Inc. (RGN) is a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based neurotechnology company focused on developing, acquiring, and licensing non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) therapies used to treat pathologies of the central nervous system.  There is an extreme paucity of therapies available for patients suffering from brain trauma, psychiatric illness, and chronic neurological diseases.  Drug trials aimed at treating these conditions have repeatedly failed, underscoring the need for novel approaches to therapy and NIBS treatments have demonstrated encouraging results.

RGN has aggregated three of the most promising NIBS Electroceutical™ technologies and seeks to lead in the development of this emerging sector by conducting basic science, applied research and multiple clinical trials with top-tier academic and commercial collaborators.  RGN’s portfolio currently includes: repetitive multi-coil Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (tPEMF), and closed-loop Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (cl-TES).

Repetitive Multi-Coil TMS

 Multi-coil TMS Technology

 Multi-coil TMS Technology

rTMS is a treatment in which magnetic coils are used to non-invasively stimulate activity in specific regions of the brain. Compared to all other TMS technologies, which employ only a single coil, RGN’s rTMS platform uses multiple coils lending to targeting of multiple brain regions simultaneously.  RGN’s research suggests that rTMS may be an effective therapy for both treatment-resistant depression and chronic pain. 

Pulsed electromagnetic Field Technology

TheraCap™ Study Device

TheraCap Study Device

RGN’s tPEMF technology is a non-invasive, portable treatment that inductively delivers a weak electrical therapeutic field to the brain.  RGN is currently testing the utility of tPEMF treatment, delivered via the TheraCap, in patients with mild traumatic brain injury and other pathologies that have neuroinflammatory features (e.g., multiple sclerosis) in collaboration with Harvard University and the University of Texas Southwestern. tPEMF is a Class II (special controls) FDA-cleared treatment for various post-surgical inflammatory conditions including pain and edema and is being repurposed for neurological applications.

Closed-Loop TES

cl-TES EEG Cap

cl-TES EEG Cap

cl-TES is a non-invasive approach in which electrodes are placed at different points on the head, allowing current to be delivered to the brain in order to modulate neural activity.  RGN’s cl-TES platform combines diagnostic data derived from electroencephalography with targeted stimulation to achieve performance enhancement or clinical therapy goals.